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Super Band Blue Negative Ion Wristband With Orange Letters, Be the first to purchase this product.

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Mens Silver Metal Bracelet, Be the first to purchase this product.

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Womens Black Negative Ion Watch, Be the first to purchase this product.

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Negative Ions

A negative ion is an electron that orbits an atom or molecule, where the total number of neutrons inside an atom or molecule is not equal to the number of protons.


Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral that is composed of many elements. Some of those elements are aluminum, iron, magnesium, lithium, and potassium. It is known as a semi-precious stone and this stone comes in what is known as the rainbow colors.

Tourmaline Is A Big Part To Our All Of Our Products

So what is tourmaline? Tourmaline is known for its color and collectors item for geologist. There are many different uses for tourmaline and also many different formats.

Tourmaline Known As A Gem

Tourmalines are gems/semi-precious stones that have a wide spectrum of colors. There is a long history behind this stone, as far back as old Egyptian times.

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EA India Distribution Pvt. Ltd. is an India Registered Company engaging in business with Energy Armor Inc. The parent company is a U.S. based global company in 17 foreign countries beyond the United States that manufactures, distributes and sells negative ion based health and wellness products.

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