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Mens Stainless Steel Negative Ion Bracelet


Product Details :

You are looking at the Energy Armor Negative Ion Bracelet for the Man. These were exclusively designed for the millions of boys and mans who already wear a bracelet, we are now offering the first negative ion Bracelet that you can add to your own bracelets.

Each negative ion Bracelet is infused by a special process of negative ions and tourmaline that have been extracted from volcanic ash. This special process ensures that your Energy Armor products will maintain the benefits that negative ions provide longer than any other products in the marketplace..


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  • Energises the Vitality
  • Embedded with Tourmaline
  • Emits Negative Ions
  • Cures Sleeping Disorders
  • Helps Reduce Stress
Mens Stainless Steel Negative Ion Bracelet - Body Balance brings to all fitness freaks this stylish and SS bracelet that is charged with ion energy to improve your overall health and performance.

Energises the Vitality - The bracelet energises the vitality in you and keeps you feeling fresh and energetic all day long.

Helps Increase Stamina - All athletes are certain to get impressed with the IonCore energy bracelet as it reduces fatigue and increases your stamina levels.

Emits Over 4500-8000 Negative Ions Per Second - It emits over 4500-8000 negative ions per second which helps in improving circulation, your strength and fitness.

Embedded with Tourmaline - The bracelet is embedded with tourmaline which is a high energy crystal that effectively maintains ionic balance around you by removing the harmful positive ions to help you perform better.

Emits Negative Ions - It emits negative ions and that keeps you more alive and active.

Cures Sleeping Disorders - If you have problems falling asleep, then this bracelet is sure to get you a sound sleep as it also cures sleeping disorders.

Helps Reduce Stress - It also helps in relieving stress from your daily life.

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EA India Distribution Pvt. Ltd. is an India Registered Company engaging in business with Energy Armor Inc. The parent company is a U.S. based global company in 17 foreign countries beyond the United States that manufactures, distributes and sells negative ion based health and wellness products.

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