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Negative Ions

A negative ion is an electron that orbits an atom or molecule, where the total number of neutrons inside an atom or molecule is not equal to the number of protons. Our atmosphere has both negative and positively charged ions, it however, does not contain as many negatively charged ions as positively charged ions; as a result, negative ions are rare. Mother Nature can create negative ions that cannot only be found in the air but also in certain minerals such as volcanic ash and tourmaline. By capturing volcanic ash and remnants of tourmaline and infusing them into our high grade silicone, Energy Armor is able to deliver a very high count of negative ions in our products. Below is our online catalogue where we feature many of our negative ion based products.

Tourmaline & Volcanic Ashe Mixture Produces High Counts Of Negative Ions

Our process has allowed us to infuse high grade silicone with high amounts of negative ions Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that has the ability to charge with electricity. Atoms loose electrons due to chemical bonding or from extreme forces. Negative ions bond easily with other atoms and molecules and as a result are inherently hard to capture. Volcanic rock created from the most powerful geological force on earth, the Volcano, has been found to have bonded with minerals containing negative ions. This strong force bonds the highest amount of negative ions during eruption. We apply an ample amount of volcanic ash and other minerals to guarantee the highest quality band.


Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral that is composed of many elements. Some of those elements are aluminum, iron, magnesium, lithium, and potassium. Tourmaline is known as a semi-precious stone and this stone comes in what is known as the rainbow colors. Tourmaline has the ability to generate electricity. Energy Armor’s products are made with tourmaline and by using a negative ion tester our tests have proven that our products have the highest count of negative ions. Energy Armor's manufacturing process infuses tourmaline into the silicone of our wristbands, dog tags, charms, and many other products. Below is a catalog that showcases all of the products that have tourmaline. Get the tourmaline edge you need to improve your day or night!

Tourmaline Is A Big Part To Our All Of Our Products

So what is tourmaline? Tourmaline is known for its color and collectors item for geologist. There are many different uses for tourmaline and also many different formats. By formats we mean its chemical state. Tourmaline has become a primary focus for our special blend and why our energy bands, balance bands, power bands and many other synomoms are of the highest quality and count of negative ions.

Tourmaline Known As A Gem

Tourmalines are gems/semi-precious stones that have a wide spectrum of colors. There is a long history behind this stone, as far back as old Egyptian times. Tourmaline is known for its rainbow look and multi-colors. In fact, the name tourmaline comes from the Singhalese word "tura mali"; it means the stone with mixed colors. Tourmaline is a very beautiful and out performs all other known gems because of it's multiple color schemes. Tourmaline is special it's ability to change colors in different light settings. No one tourmaline stone is alike, they can range from red to green to blue and yellow in color. The science behind this color is due to mixed crystals of aluminum boron silicate and its ability to change composition. The changing of the composition is the reason for the variety of colors.

Tourmaline Can Be Electrically Charged

Despite tourmaline’s notorious reputation for color scientist love tourmaline because of its ability to be electrically charged. This means you can heat the stone and allow it to cool and as a result the stone can carry a negative charge. Tourmaline has a positive charge at one end and a negative charge at the other end. This is known as a pyro-electric charge and stems from the Greek word, "pyr", meaning fire. The stone can also become charged from intense pressure, such as volcanoes. Actually volcanoes are the biggest producer of tourmaline ash and rock that carries the electrical charge found in tourmaline. This is where negative ions play a huge role in tourmaline and why we use it in our products. Chemical bonding of atoms to lose an electrical charge takes quite a process and is very difficult to do by man. Natural is better! Nature is better! Energy Armor, carries such high negative ionic charges in our produce due to the nature of tourmaline and its ability to become charged under extreme pressure.

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